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The ultimate
home workout

Native apps for WaterRower.

WaterRower produces high-quality rowing machines for home use. To support the user of the WaterRower in their activities, we developed the WaterRower Connect mobile apps for iOS and Android together with WaterRower.

Carefree rowing

WaterRower Connect provides the recreational rower with data on their rowing performance by turning their mobile phone into a performance monitor that connects to their rowing machine.

You can connect the WaterRower Monitor to your smartphone's WaterRower Connect application through Bluetooth. This turns your smartphone into a performance monitor for all your rowing needs.

As a recreational rower you can design your own rowing experience: you decide how far, how long and how hard you row. The WaterRower connect apps accurately keep track of your performance for you. Several modes of training support you in choosing a proper training style for your workout.

This is what the interface of WaterRower Connect looks like
The WaterRower Connect interface as displayed on an iPhone. Seamless, simple and elegant.
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Android- and iOS-apps

The WaterRower Connect mobile apps are characterized through their user friendly design. They were developed and designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Exactly what you would expect from a home rowing app.

Through accurate measurement and information exchange with WaterRower Monitor, the apps show your performance in the form of time, distance, calories, strokes (per minute and total), speed and split (500m).

All your workouts will be saved and synced with your account so that you have all your rowing data in a centralized place, available on any device, anywhere.

Looking to
enrich your

For WaterRower we developed the WaterRower Connect apps to enrich the home rower with well though-out software. Do you have an interesting idea for your product? Contact JorisJoris for an exploratory chat.