Privacy statement


At Label305 we put the end user first. So end users’ privacy takes a particu­larly high priority.

Our privacy statement provides a clear explanation of how we deal with personal data belonging to our clients and their end users.

So if we’re so privacy-aware, why doesn’t this website have a cookie statement? Well, that’s because this website doesn’t store any cookies to track you or record visitor statistics. We just don’t think it’s necessary.

Privacy legislation


The European privacy legislation (the GDPR) obliges businesses that collect personal data to disclose which external parties process these data.

In our data processing agreement we make clear arrange­ments with our clients about exactly how we deal with personal data from any software product that we develop for them. Our clients need this agreement to comply with the privacy legislation.

We provide a list of all our data processors and sub-processors below. Our ‘data processors’ are external parties whom we only allow to process project files and data concerning our clients. ‘Sub-processors’ are external parties whom we also allow to process data from clients’ software products. These data sometimes include end users’ personal data.