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Modern real
estate valuation

TaXapi valuation platform

With its innovative web application, TaXapi is leading the way towards a new, faster and better valuation process, for all valuers and customers.

The assignment

The founders of TaXapi had many years’ experience as valuers and knew more than anyone about the challenges involved in the valuation process.

TaXapi asked us to convert this innovative idea into an online platform that was easy for both valuers and customers to use.

We joined forces to meet the challenge of redefining the valuation process. TaXapi wanted to ensure that valuers were able to spend more time on the house they were valuing and less time on associated paperwork and administration.

  • Product design and advice
  • UX and UI design
  • Web development (PWA)
  • Integration with external services

The challenge

Preparing a valuation report requires the valuer to answer hundreds of questions about the property manually. The biggest challenge was using algorithms to complete as many of these questions as possible automatically with the correct data.

To achieve this, the TaXapi web application needs to link to various external services, such as the Dutch Land Registry Office, to obtain automated data about the property for a valuation.

The huge volume of questions about the property being valued also needs to be properly ordered and presented to the valuer in a logical, time-saving way. Achieving this requires efficient cooperation between user interface and user experience.

Examples of screens from the TaXapi web application
The progressive web application can be used as an app on mobile devices but also on the computer via a browser. Key elements are even available entirely offline.

to create

The former valuers at TaXapi perform the role of product owner perfectly. They review the priorities in the backlog continually, both during the initial development before the product launch and now that we are working together to develop the product further.

In the first development period, we worked with TaXapi in a race to achieve concept validation to measure interest in the product. To do this we developed a concept version of the final product that included the essential features. This was extensively tested in several sessions with a group of 20 valuers, before the first public launch.

Following an enthusiastic reception from the valuation world, we continued with weekly iterations to achieve improved versions with interim deliveries. This streamlined the process for testing the software in the real world with valuers.

During the early stages of development, the clients provided valuable insights from the user perspective based on their years of valuation experience. Testing with the group of real users also benefited the platform during the initial development process. Our agile approach is ideal for development processes such as the one for TaXapi.

Select the number of floors in the TaXapi interface

Working efficiently with TaXapi

The user interface in the web application is designed to prioritise efficiency for the valuer. All the actions are carried out step by step, progress is always saved and everything works without an internet connection.

Progress is recorded for hundreds of questions in total, so that the valuer can go on completing the valuation at any time. Alongside this, the fixed progress bar shows how the valuation is progressing.

The mobile nature of the web application means the valuer is able to work anywhere, so he has more time for valuing and doesn’t have to spend as much time in the office.

Smart integrations with external services

As a valuer you’re often responsible for gathering together information about the property being valued from different sources. In the TaXapi web application we have automated this process as much as possible.

The application is able to collect the data in advance from at least 11 different external sources. Reference properties are also selected automatically, based on the characteristics of the property currently being valued.

All this takes place without any action by the valuer, reducing the valuer’s workload. It also saves a huge amount of time.

TaXapi valuation

Streamlining the valuation process

The web application is set up to keep the valuer and the customer updated in real time about the stage the valuation is at.

This means the valuer is able to view in real time what still needs to be done for the valuation of the property concerned. It also enables both parties to use information from the process to complete preparatory work in advance.

Once the last stage of the valuation has been reached, the customer receives a message stating that the valuation is ready to be downloaded. As soon as payment has been made using the iDEAL online payment method, the PDF file is released for download. The valuer and the customer have completed an intensive process with ease, directly in the web application.

Customers of TaXapi who use the web application.
With TaXapi the entire valuation process is made visible to the customer. The customer always has access to all the information.

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TaXapi has introduced innovation to the Dutch valuation market with this new platform. Even more importantly—we built up a long-term relationship in the process. If you have an interesting idea for a software product then get in touch with OlavOlav to discuss your plans.