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The process starts with discovering what we want to create. During the kick-off session we decide together on the essential requirements for the software product, based on the product vision.

To understand the essence of the product we start by answering some questions together, such as: "Who are you?", "What problem does the product need to solve?" and "Who are the users and what do they want?" Together we pin down the specifics of the product vision.

We analyse the product’s aims and ambitions together. In doing so we take a critical approach, so we can identify and establish the main product risks immediately.

Using this knowledge we prepare a provisional development plan and provisional development schedule for the product and draft the objectives to be achieved. We then start the prototype phase, in which we specify the plan in further detail by removing the most significant unknown factors.

  • Getting round the table together
  • ½ – 2 days
  • 2 – 4 specialists

with us?

Creating products is something we do together with you as our client. If you have an interesting idea then get in touch with OlavOlav to discuss your plans.