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From product
to self-sufficient
software business


Products we develop need to be able to outgrow our services. That’s why we help to set up the client’s own internal product development team.

We start a development transition process in consultation with the client. In this process we work with our client to put together an internal product team. This team will ultimately carry out continuous development and manage the production environment itself.

We screen candidates for the client and allow them to work with us at our offices during the continuous development of the product. They gain practical experience of all aspects of our methods and processes. So over time the candidates acquire all the skills and experience they need to take over responsibility for the development process.

After a transition period, the client has a skilled internal development team enabling the organisation to become a self-sufficient software business.

  • Entirely optional
  • Capability transfer
  • Minimum of 3 candidates
  • At least 3 months per candidate

with us?

Creating products is something we do together with you as our client. If you have an interesting idea then get in touch with OlavOlav to discuss your plans.